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VoIP and SIP: What’s the Difference?

20th April 2021

If you’re new to all things VoIP, then you’ll certainly be forgiven when it comes to understanding some of the more complex terms! However, boiling everything down, VoIP really couldn’t be much simpler. Is there anything easier than connecting to voice calls through the internet? While a lot of the jargon can seem complex to […]

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VoIP Can Help You Work Anywhere You Want – Here’s How

7th April 2021

Post-2020, the world is really getting behind the idea of remote working. Conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have meant that millions of people have needed to work outside of the office, often from home, so that they can continue maintaining a living. Thankfully, VoIP was already on hand to help facilitate flexible working outside […]

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How Did VoIP Help to Keep Us Working in 2020?

18th March 2021

2020 was, for just about everyone on the planet, completely unprecedented. COVID-19 not only forced millions of people to stay indoors for the sake of their health, it also forced many of us to rethink the way that we work with each other and run businesses. Office spaces became ‘only if necessary’ resources, meaning that […]

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Missed Calls are Harming Your Business – Here’s Why

22nd February 2021

As you start to grow your business, it’s understandable that you are likely to start spreading your work fairly thin. After all, there is only so much you can do on your own, and you’re going to need to get in touch with experts and other professionals to help you be the best at what […]

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Break Down International Barriers

3rd February 2021

With the world constantly shrinking thanks to the rise of telecommunications globally, it stands to reason that plenty of businesses will be thinking about connecting with customers and new clients based outside of the UK. And why not? When you have a fantastic service or product line that could help millions globally, it makes sense […]

Receive and Make Business Calls From Home, From Your Office or From Your Mobile

Receive and Make Business Calls From Home, From Your Office or From Your Mobile

12th January 2021

The age of working remotely is here – and whether or not that is thanks to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s pretty clear that more and more businesses are pivoting towards home working. However, for long-established or traditional offices, breaking away from a physical location isn’t always so simple. That, thankfully, is where […]

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Take The Stress Out of Communications Planning with VoIP

29th November 2020

Whether you are streamlining your in house communications or are in the process of moving your office from one place to another, it’s safe to say that planning is key. Traditionally, you’d have to make sure that you not only have all the right hardware and software in place, but that you also have connectivity […]

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VoIP Numbers Aren’t Just the Future of Business Telecoms – They’re the Present

20th November 2020

If you’ve spent any time looking into telecoms for your growing business, you may have already found that there is a growing interest in VoIP. While there are plenty of enterprises and businesses out there which are still running services via PSTN and traditional telephony, things are moving towards a more efficient, more affordable future. […]

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Call Answering Solutions for Business Professionals

16th November 2020

Whether you are running a business from an office, a call centre or on your own, you’re going to need to take control of incoming calls. After all, the calls you receive are likely to be some of the most important your business or enterprise will ever handle. Important incoming calls could lead to additional […]

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Is Now the Time to Move From PSTN to VoIP?

5th November 2020

If you run your own business and have your own office location in the UK, then there’s a good chance you have already heard about VoIP already. It’s fast becoming the leading, mainstream standard for communications and telephone connectivity in the UK, meaning that more than a few enterprises – even the smaller ones out […]

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A Call Answering Service Means You Never Miss Another Call

2nd November 2020

When running a business of any shape or size, it’s safe to say that every call counts! You never know who might be calling through next. It could be a big new contract, a crucial follow-up on a big project already underway, or it might even be something you’ve been waiting on for a while. […]

Create 0345 Numbers Through VoIP

Can You Create 0345 Numbers Through VoIP?

20th October 2020

If you’ve spent any time looking into upgrading your business telecoms over the past year, it’s likely you’ve come across VoIP. After all, why would you be reading blog posts from a company called VoIPer if you hadn’t already at least heard of the concept? VoIP is growing more and more, and as a result, […]