Get a VoIP Phone Number for Your Business

As part of the Planet Numbers group of companies, VoIPer gives you access to a massive range of specialist business phone numbers.

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Wide range of options

Choose a new telephone number

Choose from our wide range of geographic and non-geographic phone numbers and demonstrate a presence anywhere in the UK and 100s of countries around the world

If you’re looking to set up your VoIP phone system with new telephone numbers we provide a wide range of options. You can choose regional numbers, non-geographic 0330 and 0333 numbers or free to call 0800 – it’s up to you.

Keeping it simple

Or transfer your existing numbers

Moving your existing phone numbers to our platform is a simple process that we manage for you, ensuring it’s quick and easy with no downtime.

Popular number ranges

0333 numbers 0345 numbers

03 Telephone Numbers for UK Businesses

Remove any perceived drawback customers may have when dialling an unrecognised regional number with a UK wide 03 number.

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0800 numbers

0800 Numbers

Widely recognised as free to call, an 0800 number positively encourage customers to call your business first.

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virtual phone numbers

01 and 02 Numbers

Choose a local phone number in virtually any town or city in the UK, regardless of your actual location.

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International Toll Free and Regional Numbers

International Toll Free and Regional Numbers

If you have customers, clients or suppliers based outside the UK, VoIPer lets you give them a free-to-call number that means they don’t have to pay for an international call.

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