VoIP Phone Handsets for UK Call Centres

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If your call centre is looking to update its mode of communications, VoIP telephone handsets are an excellent option. We provide VoIP phones from suppliers like Polycom and Yealik, with most items available for next-day delivery. Browse our list of VoIP phone handsets and see which fits the budget and needs of your UK business.

Using VoIP phones for your business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the way organisations communicate and conduct business. When you call through a VoIP phone, your voice is recorded and transmitted through the Internet in small data packets. These packets are then received and decrypted by the recipient.

Why use VoIP phones

VoIP phones allow businesses to make affordable calls, both locally and internationally. Your business is also charged based on the monthly or annual plan by your VoIP service provider instead of the rate of the phone provider. By using this technology, your business will enjoy savings from communication expenses.

VoIP handsets come with a variety of high-end features. Aside from taking phone calls, you can host video conferences, send text messages and transfer files. This increases the efficiency of your agents.

Choosing the right VoIP phone system

Not sure which VoIP phone is great for your business? VoIPer provides an extensive range of handsets from suppliers such as Polycom and Yealink. You will find different features, including:

  • Corded VoIP Phones: These are perfect for agents who mostly take calls from their desks.
  • Wireless VoIP Phones: Cordless phones suit individuals who are mostly on the move when taking calls.
  • Power Over Ethernet: Since these phones are powered through an ethernet cable, you can provide more flexibility to your office space.

Choosing the right VoIP phone system also involves considering the following aspects of your business:

  • The user: Does your agent need a full-colour touchscreen or multiple USB ports? Will they be moving around the office or sitting on their desks?
  • Ease of use: Do you need settings that are easy to configure? Is customisation important to you?
  • Line appearances: For small businesses, three line appearances are sufficient. Big businesses need 10 or more line appearances.
  • Speakerphone: If you need your phone to regularly conduct conferences or meetings, you need a VoIP phone that provides high audio quality.

The key to saving money in the long run is choosing the right VoIP service provider. Learn more about our plans and services. Our team of experts will guide you in finding out which services and handsets will suit your business needs.