How VoIP Can Help You Work from Home

Are you ready to work from home? If you're not, this is a good time to start making preparations. Coronavirus has changed the business landscape. Employers are encouraging their workers to stay away from their business premises.

Some are doing so voluntarily. Others are merely falling in line with the measures put in place by the government. Everyone understands and appreciates the importance of self-isolating. The only way to stop the Covid-19 outbreak in its tracks is to reduce opportunities for infection.

However, if people cannot go to work, they cannot earn a living. And if you can’t earn a living, how’re you going to pay your bills?  On the other side of the equation, you have entrepreneurs that expect their companies to collapse in the next few weeks because they simply cannot weather the disruption.

If you count yourself among these frightened individuals that expect to lose everything they have spent years building, you shouldn’t despair―not when VoIP makes it possible for everyone with an internet-enabled device to work as efficiently from home as they would at the office.

If you want your organisation to emerge from this crisis unscathed, you need to deploy VoIP now. In case you have doubts regarding the efficacy of the technology, this is what you can expect VoIP to do for you:

Phone Calls

If you have VoIP, you can continue making and receiving business calls at home. VoIP allows you to redirect all the calls targeted towards the phone lines at your office to any number that suits you. Even if you are trapped in the hospital, so long as you have your wits and an internet-enabled smartphone, you can receive business calls.

Team Collaboration

VoIP allows you to stay in contact with your company’s customers even though you’re not at your business premises. And that is definitely important. Most businesses rely heavily on the interactions between their workers and customers over the phone.

However, an organisation cannot remain afloat unless its employees not only play their individual roles but also work together to meet the needs of each client. VoIP doesn’t just serve the individual worker in quarantine.

The technology allows your employees to remain in communication with each another. They can continue to coordinate using features like multi-way call conferencing. This will enable your business to maintain decent levels of productivity despite the self-isolation.

Remote Access

One of the bigger attractions of VoIP is the fact that it allows you to access the features and functions of the phone system at your offices such as voicemail and call recording. In other words, it puts all the resources to which you are accustomed at your fingertips.

Don’t let anyone trick you into believing that your business will suffer all the same because the quality of VoIP calls is quite poor. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If your VoIP calls are poor, then you have the wrong service provider.

The calls you will make using the systems we install at your premises are crisp and clear. Your customers won’t even know that you are picking their calls from home using your mobile device rather than the office landline, not unless you tell them.

Coronavirus is ruining many lives. But with VoIP, you can keep your employees from going hungry as a result of the disruptions the virus is causing in the business arena.

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