With VoIPer Voicemail your customers can leave a recorded message that is instantly sent to your laptop, mobile or tablet.

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Super-clear MP3s

Voicemail is just one of the incredibly useful features that you can access with your VoIPer VoIP phone system, ensuring that incoming callers are never faced with an unanswered line or old-fashioned “the office is now closed” message.

If nobody’s around to answer incoming customer calls, or everyone’s tied up on other calls, VoIPer Voicemail will record a super-clear, high quality MP3 and instantly send it to the email inbox of your choice. So you or your team can listen to the message wherever you are, as long as you have internet access.

Automatic activation by day or time

Voicemail is particularly useful for controlling how your calls are dealt with outside your normal office hours. You can set it up so that before 9am or after 6pm, for example, any incoming calls are recorded and sent to the appropriate email addresses.

Similarly, at the weekend, for example, if nobody’s around in the office, Voicemail makes sure the call will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Record your own Voicemail message

You can set up Voicemail to respond in the way that’s most useful for your company, even down to how many times your number rings before Voicemail kicks in. And, naturally, you can record your own Voicemail greeting message for an even more personalised service.

All controlled via your online dashboard

Like all our automated call handling services, VoIPer Voicemail is controlled from your online dashboard. You can access this from your laptop, mobile or tablet.