Call Recording: Why It’s Business Best Practice

There have been a few schools of thought open up over call recording over the years. Some businesses may not see it as essential. Some might even see it as a hassle to set up and get running. However, the way in which businesses communicate and operate has changed massively in just a few short […]

There have been a few schools of thought open up over call recording over the years. Some businesses may not see it as essential. Some might even see it as a hassle to set up and get running. However, the way in which businesses communicate and operate has changed massively in just a few short years. That’s why, in the modern age, it’s never been more important to start looking into recording the calls you get into your centre.

Call recording is a modern standard which is business best practice across a variety of industries. It’s a clear and concise way to help train and prepare your staff. What’s more, it is a straightforward way to make sure that you are remaining on-message, and that you are continuing to deliver a fantastic service to your customers. This is something you should always be striving for.

But what are some of the further reasons for why business call recording has become an important standard? Let’s take a look.

Backing Up Business

One of the best reasons to set up call recording for your business is for the simple fact that it will back you up in a crisis, or in a dispute. For example, if your business or an agent in your team faces a legal dispute, you will have access to recordings which show exactly what transpired, and when. Using a third party system, based off-site, this evidence is impossible to counterfeit.

Therefore, in the event where you are facing an ombudsman query, for example, your business can easily settle complex disputes. Rather than rely on ‘he said, she said’, you can actively show midpoint parties the clear outcome of liability. This means that you can both clear your name in the event of a miscarriage of justice, or you can own your liability.

Backing Up Customers

Owning up to liability is crucial in the modern age. Call recording will ensure that both you and your customers are held to account over disputes. Crucially, you must be ready to use call recording to back up customer claims if required. For example, a call recorded between Customer A and Agent B might show that B misinformed A. This means that, instead of burying your head in the sand, you can rectify and remedy problems which would otherwise travel to the relevant ombudsman.

Therefore, do make sure to offer your customers support. The most professionalism you can demonstrate comes from how you handle complaints. If it is clear that your agents are at fault, demonstrate this to your customer and advise them on how you will make the situation right.

Training Your Team

There is no better or more affordable way to train new staff than through call recordings. The most advanced modules and training platforms can only do so much. With data protection in mind, allow your team and new hires to listen in on remote call recordings. This will allow you to show them just what you expect of them.

Call recordings also allow you to see true customer service in action. By grading calls side-by-side, you may be at risk of your agent purposely putting on an act. That’s not to say agents are going to try and bluff you! However, it makes sense to grade and coach through random call selection than to put agents on the spot. This could lead to behaviour and action you wouldn’t normally expect.

Investigation Material at Its Best

On some occasions, you may find that you need to run internal investigations. In which case, it makes sense to have more than a digital paper trail of notes and memos. When running an investigation into an event or into a particular agent, you should have access to call recordings which will clearly show you how events transpire.

Without access to clear call recordings, you are of course at risk of losing track of your investigation. You may not be able to solidify findings as well as you might, and what’s more, you may not be able to reach firm conclusions on either side of the debate. Call recordings will allow you to achieve greater confidence and certainty in how your investigation unfolds.

Keeping on Message

There is no better way to ensure that you and your team are on message than to listen into calls. Listening to agent calls you have recorded will show you where you can make strides in training and coaching. It will also allow you to identify where you need to make more effort with customers.

Call recording will also help you to firm up marketing and customer approach. If your up sales scripts, for example, are failing to connect with your clients and customers, call recordings will be able to tell you why. You can listen to as many calls as you like to build up a clearer picture of what people expect from you.

It’s also a great way to see how you can give your team support, too. Are there any areas on calls which seem to be holding agents back regularly? Can you see any correlations you might need to map for?

Keeping on message is so important in a world where your brand and your service standards are everything. If you drift away from this, you are at risk of losing plenty of custom, and faith from your team.

Set Up Call Recording

Set up call recording with VoIPer, and you can be sure that you have the backing for training, investigations, branding and more besides. Call recording is legal and is inarguably business best practice. To be able to understand your customers on a closer level, as well as what your team is looking for in support, call recording is an absolute must.

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