Move Your Office Anywhere With a Hosted VoIP Phone System

In this day and age, keeping flexible is key. Customers and clients expect you to be able to answer calls and queries at all hours of the day, all days of the week! While technology is advancing to help us manage these demands more and more, it’s important to know which systems and services to […]

In this day and age, keeping flexible is key. Customers and clients expect you to be able to answer calls and queries at all hours of the day, all days of the week! While technology is advancing to help us manage these demands more and more, it’s important to know which systems and services to look for to help your specific demand levels.

One of the biggest binds for small businesses nowadays is having to set up a physical office. Physical locations and offices are great for those firms offering local services. But what if you have global clients? What if you are finding that you need to be more flexible – and that you need to move your offices at short notice, or set up new branches and buildings elsewhere in the UK? Crucially, it’s all about making sure that your business keeps ticking over while you make such big changes.

However, there’s a really easy way to make sure that your team and your clients stay connected while you reorganise your firm. Why pin yourself to one location forever with a PSTN communications solution? With managed VoIP, you could set up an office anywhere in the UK that you desire. What’s more, if you do need to move your business elsewhere, VoIP will ensure that you don’t take time away from crucial clients to make the move.

Hosted VoIP in Brief

VoIP, of course, is a data-based telecoms solution. Instead of routing your calls through traditional copper wires and PSTN connectivity, you run your incoming and outgoing calls through a data connection. This means that you rely on the internet to make calls and to take queries. It’s a fast and easy way to make sure that you and your customers are all on the same page. Not only that, but it also means that you benefit from incredible savings, and a fantastic clarity in audio quality on each call.

However, hosted VoIP also takes a lot of additional pressure off your shoulders. One of the main drawbacks of running communications through PSTN or traditional telephony is that you will have to run a lot of maintenance and checks. Not only that, but actively wiring up phones and hardware can be a real struggle. This is, naturally, going to be a big time drain for you when you need to move office locations, too.

Hosted VoIP, however, is based off-site. By ‘hosted’, we means that we take charge of the running of your telecoms solution. This means that we will take care of the maintenance, and that there is never any need for you to fiddle around with wires and cables on your own – beyond plugging VoIP ready phones and handsets into your data source, of course!

More Flexibility for You

Choosing managed VoIP for business calls instantly gives you more flexibility and versatility. Rather than having to tie yourself down to a physical location or having to spend days and weeks negotiating a move, you can effectively keep your comms running through off-site management. There’s no need for you to go dark on your customers and clients when you start moving your business across to a new location.

This flexibility means that you can move your business almost anywhere in the UK. Where are you likely to appeal to more customers? If you want to move your small firm to a bigger office in the capital, or if you’d prefer to set up closer to home, you can retain the same numbers and services while porting everything across. This means that you can route calls to agent mobiles, too, so that you’ll never miss a phone call. Simple!

Saving Time and Money

Of course, setting up VoIP when moving offices and locations will save you money, too. That’s because you might risk losing out on big leads, clients, and contracts if your business goes silent during a move. With VoIP always ready and hosted off-site, you can make sure that you are ready to handle those lucrative queries without having to pause matters along the way.

It is not always easy to communicate to clients and customers that you are in the process of moving premises. Therefore, to avoid losing interest, you should make sure to have a solution in place which allows you to run your business as usual. When you set up VoIP, you’ll also have a system in place where you can move your offices again in future, or set up new ones, if you need to.

You can seamlessly add new phones and agents to your communications relay with ease. There’s no need for you to have to fumble around with confusing connections along the way. This means that you can also set up remote working for your team, too, should you stand to benefit from such a service. It’s a great way to add extra flexibility. What’s more, working remotely could cut down travel costs and lost time even further.

Making the Leap to VoIP

VoIP has fast become the leading choice in UK telecoms standards. In the years to come, BT will phase out PSTN. While it has served us all well over the years, the shrinking of the world means that we all need to be more flexible and efficient when handling queries and concerns in future. The days of relying on a simple copper wire are over.

Therefore, it makes sense – whether you are moving office or otherwise – to get ahead of the game with a fantastic VoIP setup. VoIP is going to help you handle queries and make important B2B calls without the need for extortionate overheads or clumsy packages. At VoIPer, we are always keen to show local businesses just how much they could benefit from such services in the long run.

Why not take a closer look at VoIP for your own business? Take a look at our packages online and do feel free to call our team, free on 0800 332 266 for more details.

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