Work Remotely with a Cloud Hosted Phone System

The current global crisis is changing the way that millions of people expect to work on a daily basis. While the pandemic is proving to be trepidatious for many people, the idea of working remotely, or from home, is by no means a negative one. In fact, in the modern age, more and more businesses […]

The current global crisis is changing the way that millions of people expect to work on a daily basis. While the pandemic is proving to be trepidatious for many people, the idea of working remotely, or from home, is by no means a negative one. In fact, in the modern age, more and more businesses are flexibly setting up remote working opportunities for their teams. Rather than overstuff their physical premises and shell out for hardware and maintenance more than they have to, it makes sense to provide team members with all the tools they need to work from afar. It will be no surprise to see these trends spike even more in the years to come.

However, to be able to work remotely effectively, you are going to need an effective and efficient communications system. Businesses rely on inter-communication. That much is obvious! Therefore, instead of relying on outdated or awkward phone systems and services, many businesses are making the leap to data calling, VoIP, and cloud hosted phone systems. But what is this really all about? Let’s take a closer look.

The Basics of Cloud Phone Systems

The basics of cloud phone system hosting aren’t too difficult to understand. Essentially, what it means is that instead of you having to set up and host a physical phone system in-house, you can request that your communications host off-site, and away from your premises. You can, for example, request VoIPer to set up a package for you whereby your voice and data communications are fully managed on your behalf.

This means that there is no need for you to have to connect up all your phone systems and handsets physically within your offices. Crucially, that means your team can connect to a cloud-based server or phone system through VoIP, and from afar. It is the ultimate way to allow for complete comms flexibility.

BT is shortly set to overwrite their standard phone lines strategy with data-based comms. This, from our perspective, means that there will be more and more opportunities for businesses to go mobile and remote using cloud-based telephony. Why should you have to tie yourself to your desk?

Less Hassle For You

Crucially, a cloud-based phone system is going to be less hassle for you to manage. Not only is it going to mean that your team can work remotely, it’s also going to mean that you can flexibly set up and manage your phones in-house, too. There’s no need for you to have to muddle around with physical wiring, upkeep, or any of that annoying maintenance and repair. When you need all the time you can muster to actively manage and run your business, it hardly makes sense to waste it on processing awkward, clunky phone lines which are hugely outdated.

Therefore, with a cloud-based phone system, you can arrange for an off-site team and service to manage your comms. There is no need for you to take your eye off the ball, and if there is ever any problems with your voice comms service, you can rest assured that the team at VoIPer will be ready to handle it all for you.

Remote Working Made Easy

Coming back to the idea of working remotely, a cloud-based service is simply more fluid and flexible than a traditional telephony system. Previously, you might have to physically set up your phones and hardware to lines and connections at your premises. This would normally mean that you have to pay for mobile phones or other radio fleet options. These, of course, can result in being very costly in the long run!

However, as a VoIP phone service running through the cloud is so flexible and untethered by physical hardware, you are perfectly able to connect team phones and devices to the network without them physically being on-premises. This means that, within reason and parameters, your team can effectively work wherever they need to while still keeping in touch with you and your clients.

Flexibility is a big commodity in the modern age. The world is getting smaller, and this also means that customer demands will change and evolve alongside. Remote working cuts down travel time and expenses and will also cut down your hardware expenses. All around, if you are able to set up a remote or home working plan, you and your team will reap the benefits for years to come.

Cost-Effective and Affordable

As mentioned, the costs you will save when setting up VoIP in the cloud are easy to measure within a short space of time. Remote working holds endless cost-saving benefits on multiple levels. What’s more, it will also mean that you don’t have to pay out for regular servicing. It is another plate you simply won’t have to spin.

Cost-cutting and reducing is crucial to the survival of all businesses in the long term. We have seen it too many times where firms are paying out for unnecessary comms setups. The cloud is certainly the future for data storage, server management and communications, and it is high time that more companies and businesses took full advantage.

The cost of running and maintaining physical lines, as well as keeping teams in-house, can skyrocket. That’s why we are so keen to show our clients the benefits of cloud management. Businesses and firms in the UK are already paying far too much to keep in touch – and we are here to help reduce that as much as we physically can.

Set Up Cloud Based Phone Systems

Keen to help your team members work remotely or out in the field? Want to do so without shelling out for extortionate mobile rates and plans? Take a look at VoIPer’s range of cloud-based telephony packages today. Get in touch with our team, too, if you have any specific needs or queries, or if we can help you to make the leap to cloud-based communications all the easier. Don’t get bogged down by outdated tech and connectivity!

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