Call Recording for Business: What Are the Benefits?

When you run a busy contact centre, or even if you just oversee a lot of calls into your business each day, there are a lot of things you need to keep track of. Each call, of course, should be one which directly benefits the customer. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any need or reason for […]

When you run a busy contact centre, or even if you just oversee a lot of calls into your business each day, there are a lot of things you need to keep track of. Each call, of course, should be one which directly benefits the customer. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any need or reason for your customers to have to call back multiple times. Resolving a problem on the first call means greater customer satisfaction, as well as less need for you to spend time and resources on an investigation. However, in some cases, recording and listening to calls is both necessary and beneficial to your business.

Whenever you record a call from a customer, you must always advise that you are doing so – and more often than not, the script businesses usually lead with is that it is for ‘training and monitoring purposes’. But what are some of the specific benefits of call recording for business you may not already be aware of?

Back Yourself Up

Recording your calls, providing you advise customers that you are doing so, is likely to help you in case of disputes further down the line. Unfortunately, there may be times where a customer raises a dispute or makes a complaint against you. For example, if a customer goes as far as to take their complaint via ombudsman service, you will need to have call recordings to hand to help investigate matters.

Call recordings are, of course, the best way to avoid classic ‘he said, she said’ scenarios. There is only so much that your team will be able to record in notes. What’s more, it gives you extra backing if there is a dispute over an agent’s version of events.

All told, a call recording solution will help to provide evidence in the event of disputes. Should your customers or your services be proven innocent in any given case may vary. However, it helps to have such a backup running in the background.

Train Your Team

Yes – the old script goes ‘we may record calls for training and monitoring purposes’. However, it’s completely true. When you want to monitor call quality from your agents, you are going to need to have access to a database of conversations they have with customers. It is not always going to be possible for you to listen into your agents as and when they make or take calls.

What’s more, you can use these calls to both set new standards for call marking, or you can use them to set good examples for other agents. You could encourage agents to listen to the best calls and therefore show them what to expect.

Call recordings for business offer brilliant training assets. This means that there’s less need for guesswork when it comes to marking and monitoring the calls your agents are involved with.

Offer Case Backgrounds

In some cases, you may find that a customer query takes longer than a simple call to resolve. The last thing that a customer is going to want is, of course, to explain everything back to your agents every time they speak to them. Therefore, should you arrange for an agent to take on a case and to call back a customer, you can use call recordings to help bring them up to speed. On-screen notes and admin are likely to help in this regard, too, however, there is nothing quite as reliable as call recordings to show how things are progressing.

This not only helps you and your team to find the right resolution for any problems at stake, but it also ensures your customers receive the best possible service. Rather than having to jump through the same hoops with different agents, your team can call back and get back into the swing of things with customers who have complex cases.

Without call recordings for business, your team may have to resort to guesswork, or meagre notes left on-file. This is never a good idea, especially if customer concerns seem to be escalating.

Learn More About Your Customers

Call recordings will also likely be beneficial to your marketing team. Marketing and advertising professionals will always be looking for insights as to how they can better and easier appeal to customers across the board. How better, then, than to listen to what customers actually have to say?

Marketing personnel will be able to access a bank of calls and conversations taking place with sales teams. By listening to hours of calls and building up correlations, call recordings may help your marketing staff build more effective strategies when it comes to actively setting up worthwhile advertising.

Marketing is a many-headed beast, and even those who are great at this side of business will likely need as much support as they can muster. There is no better way to tune into your customers than to actually listening to them. Rather than building assumptions, marketers and advertisers can set up campaigns based on genuine feedback.

Capture Every Detail

Call recordings will also help you drill down into the smallest of details. This means that, instead of glossing over the bigger picture, you’ll be able to closely analyse the deeper context to customer complaints and queries. The fact is, customer queries are often quite complex. While many can be solved with simple methods and standards, you’re going to need to drill down deep to offer the best service standards.

Listen to your customers’ calls, and make sure you take down everything they have to say. The beauty of call recording for business means you’ll be able to access call data and audio from anywhere on-site – and you can listen to them all multiple times over, as many times as you actually need to.

Interested in Call Recording for Business?

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