Busy Lamp Field Setup

With VoIPer's Busy Lamp Field activated on your office VoIP system you can see at-a-glance what's happening on your network.

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A more efficient office

Busy Lamp Field, as it’s known, simply lets you keep tabs on what’s happening on your VoIPer phone system so you can manage your incoming and outgoing phone calls as efficiently as possible.

It does this by showing you, at-a-glance, the status of all your office phones: you can see which are currently on a call, which are idle and which are ringing.

Speed dial using BLF

An added bonus of your VoIPer Busy Lamp Field (BLF) setup is the ability it gives your team to instantly speed-dial any phone on your VoIPer network. Just hit the appropriate key to get straight through.

Up to 50 lines

Voiper BLF can be configured to support up to 50 lines on your phone system. And remember, your VoIPer system can incorporate any mobiles with internet access as well as your VoIPer desktop handsets.

All controlled via your online dashboard

Like all our call handling and automated switchboard services, Busy Lamp Field is configured and controlled from your online dashboard. You can access this from your laptop, mobile or tablet.