Call Centre VoIP Phone Systems in the UK

VoIP solutions help you manage your call centre operations through a computer app or a web browser. At VoIPer, we help your UK business grow through our call centre VoIP phone systems. Get started with our business VoIP systems and watch as your business processes are ironed out.

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Our call centre VoIP solutions include:

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

You don’t need expensive equipment at your site. All operations and files are hosted in the cloud.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Instantly make outbound calls to any location around the world. Get access to cutting-edge VoIP phone features on their own or through your existing PBX.

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VoIP Telephone

VoIP Telephone

Enjoy low costs per call through a flexible system available on a web browser or computer app. You can manage your calls through a variety of devices, whether through your laptop at home or a desktop computer in the office.

Build a Fast, Efficient and Affordable Call Centre

Today’s call centres are no longer about just answering customer enquiries. They are also an important factor for driving revenue, differentiating the brand, and improving customer satisfaction. Given the complex nature of today’s call centres, it’s important to blend a variety of features to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

When you’re planning to start a call centre, consider using a voice over IP (VoIP) system to help you stay competitive. Unlike traditional call centre phone systems, VoIP platforms provide flexibility and mobility while reducing monthly costs.

We at VoIPer provide high-quality VoIP solutions that meet the needs of today’s call centres, whether they are big or small businesses. With our advanced hosted VoIP phone systems, we help eliminate costly overheads, manage resources, and meet business goals. Let our team of experts find the right solution to make your dream of a budget-friendly and efficient call centre a reality.

The Benefits of Using VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP technologies allow you to make calls using a data network instead of an analogue phone line. The solutions are hosted online and can be accessed through a web application, which is installed on a computer or a mobile device. Call centres using VoIP phone systems enjoy the following benefits:

Flexible working

Flexible working opportunities

You can manage calls through your desktop or laptop, making it easy for your employees to work remotely. Work from anywhere in the world that you have a stable internet connection, making working around the globe easier than ever

Integrated contact centre

Integrated contact centre

Integrate email, instant messaging, SMS, and other modes of communication for easier contact.

Low phone rates

Low phone rates

Your customers don’t need to think twice before calling, because all local and international calls have low charges.

Low upfront costs

Low upfront costs

Using call centre VoIP phone systems, your business can take thousands of simultaneous calls using any device. There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment. Instead, enjoy reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.



VoIP phone systems allow you to change your configuration easily, such as adding phone numbers or changing the routing. You're able to scale up your operations and ensure that your company is working efficiently and productively at all times.

Variety of features

Variety of features

You can choose to add other features to your VoIP phone system: on-hold messages or music, multilingual menu, and self-service opportunities.

Global Reach

Reach out to a larger audience

VoIP phone systems allow call centres in the UK to reach out to customers around the world.

We're a team that offers affordable and reliable corporate VoIP solutions in the UK. At VoIPer, we make sure that your call centre business runs efficiently and with reduced costs. We set up your VoIP phone system quickly so you can get to work right away. Get in touch with us to schedule a demo or to set up your new VoIP systems.

VoIPer is Your First Choice for a VoIP Provider in the United Kingdom

At VoiPer, we want to help your business provide productive and quality phone support operations across every channel. With our VoIP phone systems, we help you manage your operations more efficiently without spending heavily on overhead costs. Let your agents communicate with customers without the need for phone lines.

Cloud based platform

Work From a Cloud-Based Platform

All you need is a headset, a computer, and a steady Internet connection. That means that you can work from anywhere at any time of the day, giving your team flexibility and enabling you to cut back on in-office costs.

Customer service features

Outstanding Customer Service Features

Add answering machine messages, personalised voice mail or other features to improve the quality of your customer interactions.

Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications

Our business telephony features and software will never make you miss important calls. Integrate your emails, apps, and social media software so that you're able to stay in touch with your customers no matter how they choose to get in touch with you. Our integrated VoIP solutions keep you connected to your customers at all times.

Scalable solutions

Scalable Solutions

Easily scale up and down depending on your business goals. Allow your team to grow and to reach new heights with solutions that grow with you! Rather than worrying about having to overhaul your customer interaction technology or to implement a system at the last second, work with a team that supports you as you grow.

Simple rates and packages

Simple Rates and Packages

We provide monthly and annual rates with no long-term contracts. Save your team money and know that you're getting the best bargain out there with our team. We let you create a customized package that works for your budget and which still gets you all the systems you need.

Our Pricing

The team at VoIPer prides itself on offering low-cost call centre solutions. We help you to improve your efficiency with our flexible VoIP phone packages! You're able to handcraft your package so that it fits your team's needs and ensures that your new VoIP system is within your budget. Partner with one of the best VoIP providers in the country and know that you're getting the best price too.

Our Guarantee

At VoIPer, we care about your business. That's why we offer a 100% guarantee for everything that we do. All of our contracts come with easy cancellation policies and we don't lock you into anything long term that you can't count on. Work with a team that values your time and your business as much as you do.