What is a hosted PBX?

A hosted IP PBX system is a cloud based private branch network phone system accessible via the internet. As it's accessible via the internet, it's managed entirely off site – meaning there's no need for an engineer to install it, and there's no maintenance costs.  The phones are connected into your ethernet router and on to our network instead of an on premise PBX - giving much more flexibility, and also reducing costs.

There’s no surprise why hosted PBX has become the go-to phone solution for savvy companies.

Why change to Cloud-based PBX?

A Cloud based PBX is so beneficial as it is completely flexible. You can configure and expand the network to your organisations changing needs. It’s all easy manageable via a user-friendly control panel.

Cloud PBX eliminates all the expensive of buying and maintaining an on site network where licenses can cost thousands and equipment can fail.

As your calls are delivered through the internet rather than through physical lines, if your business should be in the path of a disaster – such as extreme weather conditions or simply a power outage – you’ll still have the option to make and receive your company’s phone calls from another location that has an internet connection.

Eliminate major capital equipment costs

There’s no requirement for any training for your staff – Our Cloud based PBX system is simple to manage and doesn’t demand any IT experience to control the system.

Your VoIPer phone system can be managed from any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet – anytime you like.

It’s very easy to set up and by using the online control panel, you can expand and manage your service whenever you need to  – no more outsourcing to IT specialists!

More benefits of VoIPer’s Hosted PBX

Updating user and calling configurations can be changed all from a few clicks. As you have an online control panel, users will be able to manage their own settings without needing to contact the IT department.

Features such as conference calling, video calls, instant messaging, virtual receptionist, and your lines, numbers and calls are all managed together, which means just one monthly bill to pay.

VoIPer’s hosted PBX automatically upgrades as new features become available – no expensive hardware or software for you to update!

Make and receive calls anywhere

The great thing about VoIP is that anywhere that you have an internet connection, you can plug in your handset and be able to make calls and receive calls to your number.  You can work from anywhere and your customers will be none the wiser.

Our smartphone app allows your to control your VoIP set up, plus make and receive calls from your business phone number, giving your ultimate freedom. 

How can VoIPer hosted PBX phone system help businesses?

Getting rid of PBX hardware reduces capital expenses as you’ll no longer need to upgrade, maintain or fix hardware.

VoIPer’s PBX system has all the features that you could expect from traditional office phone lines.

You can change the configuration to add new employees or new locations all within minutes, using our control panel – No need for any hardware changes.

If you have many employees who work from home, they can all be part of the hosted system by connecting to the cloud PBX via their home broadband connection.

Want to learn more about VoIP and the benefits it can have for your business?  Call us today on 0800 332 266 or click here to read more.

Hosted Cloud PBX