Are You Ready for the 2025 Switch-off?

All good things come to an end – and that includes traditional analogue telephony. Over the decades, PSTN and ISDN cabling have allowed us to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and business clients. However, technology marches on – and, by the end of 2025, all traditional connections will cease to exist. That sounds […]

All good things come to an end – and that includes traditional analogue telephony.

Over the decades, PSTN and ISDN cabling have allowed us to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and business clients. However, technology marches on – and, by the end of 2025, all traditional connections will cease to exist.

That sounds like quite a way away – but if you’re running a business and haven’t yet considered moving your services to VoIP, time is ticking to start putting plans into action.

Here’s what you need to know, and why it’s time to bid a fond farewell to PSTN and ISDN.

What is the PSTN switch-off?

As a result, Openreach, run by BT, is switching off all PSTN connections at the end of 2025. Unless you’re using a VoIP service after this date, you’re set to get cut off.

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. Essentially, it is the analogue system we’re accustomed to for making telephone calls across the UK.

It’s also worth noting that it won’t just be phone calls that are affected. ADSL and fibre-to-the-cabinet (FFTC) connections will also be affected, meaning millions of people need to start making the leap to IP calls.

Who will the switch-off affect?

Anyone using PSTN systems will have to prepare for the switch-off – which is pretty much anyone in the UK who uses landline telephones.

Contrary to popular belief, the infrastructure – so, the copper and fibre cabling that’s been in place for decades – will remain to some extent. It’s simply the signals used to deliver voice calls will change.
The switch will also affect EPOS machines, CCTV, alarm systems, door access services, and even fax machines. Everything’s getting upgraded!

Why is Openreach making this change?

Openreach is continuing to upgrade Britain’s communications infrastructure, which means shutting down older services to keep up with changes in technology.

In fact, most homes and businesses are already prepared for IP calling, which takes place via data connection rather than traditional PSTN. With broadband already common up and down the UK, it makes logical sense to phase out older connectivity and delivery.

What’s more, older telephony is no longer considered reliable. VoIP calls are much more stable, more efficient, and more cost-effective than the PSTN equivalent.

People at home and work want to be able to speak to each other without phone lines dropping out and without having to deal with nuisance interference. With VoIP, your calls are crystal clear and super-stable.

The UK’s actually following along behind many countries who have made the leap to VoIP nationwide – meaning it’s about time we kept pace.

When exactly is the switch-off taking place?

The big change will officially take place by the 31st of December 2025.

This might be news to some people, however, Openreach announced they’d make such changes back in 2017 – and the transition hasn’t been as sudden as some people might believe.

It’s set to be the biggest digital switchover for some time, but you might already have noticed home telephone companies no longer providing PSTN services – it’s because of the big switchover!

Therefore, at home, there’s a chance you’re already on VoIP – and don’t have to do a thing. But for your business, time’s ticking to move to a VoIP provider and avoid business downtime.

What action should you take?

As a business owner, you need to renegotiate your communications contracts with a provider offering VoIP.

As mentioned, several services run via PSTN and ADSL, which means you need to consider your voice calls, broadband connectivity, alarms, CCTV, door access and more – otherwise, they’ll cease to work after New Year’s Eve in 2025.

Switching over to VoIP doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, here at VoIPer, we’ve worked hard to develop a service switch that’s seamless and headache-free. After all, we know that any downtime in business means potential for lost revenue and even extra expenses.
There are two main routes you can take ahead of the VoIP switch.

You could negotiate your contract with your existing provider, or you could consider moving to a VoIP specialist – one that’s provided IP calling for several years, far ahead of the switchover to come.

VoIPer provides cloud-hosted connectivity, meaning everything’s managed off-site and is easy to scale up and down as your business needs. We’ve designed our call packages to be as flexible and as cost-effective as possible for UK businesses, too – meaning making the move early really isn’t going to cost you the Earth.

Do I need new phones?

It’s wise to invest in new handsets for your business or office if you’re just moving to VoIP. Otherwise, you could risk losing business while you install new hardware.

There’s a chance the handsets and hardware you’re already using are prepared for VoIP already – be sure to check before you make any financial decisions!

Otherwise, VoIP can help here, too.

Alongside managed VoIP provision, we provide a range of IP-ready handsets and telephony equipment that’s easy to plug in and start using within minutes. In fact, we’ve made the entire VoIP installation process as easy as possible for PSTN users.

VoIP phones allow you to make and receive calls through data connectivity, meaning you can expect better-quality calls, more stable connectivity, and more call features. Take a look at some of the services we offer for more details.

Are you ready to switch to VoIP?

Switching to VoIP has always made sense. And now, Openreach is ensuring that everyone can take advantage – it’s been a long time coming!

VoIP calls aren’t just worth switching to because they’ll be the default option by 2026. VoIP telephony is more cost-effective and more efficient than the standards we’re all used to. You might never need to worry about call drops and fuzzy lines ever again.

By that measure, why wait until December 2025? Make the switch now, and get ahead of the competition. Don’t leave it to the last minute – it’s really not worth the downtime.

Be sure to get in touch with VoIPer to discuss a custom, managed IP communications solution before Openreach closes PSTN down for good.

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