Virtual 01923 Watford Numbers

With a VoIPer virtual 01923 number, your callers will think they’re calling Watford, wherever you're actually located. Every package includes free outbound minutes every month plus access to the full range of brilliant VoIPer VoIP services.

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Virtual Geographic Number Pricing at a glance

From £12.95 / mo

Set up fee from free
Included incoming minutes each month:Unlimited
Make calls from this number? Yes
Outbound calls included:500 minutes a month
Minimum contract: 12 Months
Cost to caller: Standard Geographic

All this from just £12.95 a month

With a VoIPer virtual geographic number, you can adopt a virtual company location anywhere in the UK. So if you choose an 01923 Watford number, your customers will dial this number to reach you, and they’ll see the 01923 code when you call them.

Every VoIPer package includes the following features:

  • Make and receive calls on your VoIPer 01923 number
  • Use any phone with internet access — including smartphones
  • Or use a softphone program on your computer
  • Access to virtual switchboard functions like Auto Attendant, Call Analytics and Conference Calling
  • No cost to receive incoming calls
  • Free outbound call minutes every month to landlines and mobiles

Use your VoiPer 01923 number with any VoIP handset, smartphone or softphone

Once you’ve got your VoIPer virtual phone number for Watford (or whichever UK area code you choose) you can use it with a desktop VoIP phone connected to the internet, your mobile (using our free VoIP app) or download our  ‘softphone’ app on your PC or Mac.

Work from anywhere

With a virtual 01923 number, you can work from anywhere and appear to be in Watford. All you need is access to the internet and you’ll appear to be at your office in Watford, wherever in the world you may be.

Save 75% on outgoing business calls

Buying a VoIPer virtual geographic number means you get instant access to the world of cloud-based VoIP calling. Your calls travel via the internet rather than the landline network, meaning you can save a fortune on the cost of your outbound calls. In fact, most VoIPer customers see savings of over 75% compared with what they’re paying their landline suppliers, especially as your first 500 minutes are completely free every month.

VoIP means even better service for your customers

VoIPer virtual numbers let you add a whole range of service-enhancing virtual switchboard features via the VoIPer cloud. These include call forwarding, call waiting, call routing, voicemail, conference calls and video calls plus many more invaluable, business-enhancing options.

Get your VoIPer Virtual Phone Number from £12.95

Our Virtual Numbers start from only £12.95 a month, and include free setup and 500 inclusive outbound minutes to landlines or mobiles.