Vertical Use Case Studies

Professional services

Estate agents

  • Answering the phone within a few rings is vital to an estate agent’s success. The customer might be phoning to view, make an offer on or sell a property.
  • In a highly competitive market, it’s easy for the customer to deal with another estate if their call is not answered, particularly if the property is subject to a multi-agency contract.
  • Many estate agents are multi-site companies with a mixed estate of PBX, meaning higher costs and more complex to manage.
  • VoIPer provides a single, streamlined communications solution covering all estate agent offices and mobile/home office staff.
  • The self-service Business Portal makes it easy for the estate agent to modify call treatments such as Music-on-Hold or Marketing Messages-on-Hold to reflect current business activity.
  • Graphical Call Detail Records can be viewed to track and manage the level of inbound/outbound call activity, helping to measure and improve performance targets.
  • Group Call Handling works company-wide ensuring customer call activity, helping to measure and improve performance targets.
  • Group Call Handling works company-wide ensuring customer calls are answered within a few rings by the most appropriate person, not matter where they are located.
  • Using the UC Office mobile App, agents remain in close contact wherever they are with easy tracking of colleagues’ availability status. Calls are recorded for staff training use.
  • CRM integration enables access to caller’s records on the PC at the same time as the call is answered and enables us to record notes for follow-up.

Expand geographic reach

  • Estate agents can publish multiple local numbers to provide a local identity and answer the call appropriate for that local area, no matter where they are.
  • With VoIPer it’s quick and easy to set up or move offices to new locations and take the company number with you.

Improve customer service

  • Calls are answered by a free staff member, wherever they are located, ensuring business is not lost.

Lower Costs

  • Internal calls are free, even to mobiles using the UC Office App, so there is no need for an on-premises telephone system
  • App supports Bring Your Own Device so agents can use their own device and separate business calls from personal ones.

Legal services

In no other sector is the timely flow of clear information as critical as in legal services. Your communications platform needs to do more than just make and receive calls. With constant time pressures and so much workdone over the phone, the solution you choose needs to offer better ways of working and tools that make your life easier. You’ll find both in VoIPer’s Hosted Communications.


• Law firms are being forced to keep their costs down as clients want to reduce their legal bills.

• Like anywhere else, IT departments in law firms are under pressuretodelivermorewithlessmoney.

• Clientsoflawfirmsexpectaprofessionalserviceandlegal contacts that are easy to reach. With a lot of work done over the phone, this area is always being reviewed.

• Too many employees are tied to their desks.


  • Legal firms can look forward to great times ahead: VoIPer will improve client relationships, increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Our conference and collaboration tools make it easy for teams in different places to share information and content so that they can make informed decisions on legal cases. Why just talk through something as complex as legal text when you can share documents on your computer screens?
  • With our ‘UC One’ clients for tablets, laptops and mobile devices, your staff can work productively from almost anywhere. To maintain confidentiality, they can also use their business identity and number from their own device when contacting clients.
  • UC One enables your staff to see the availability of their colleagues and how best to contact them. They can also send instant messages, perfect for private conversations in public spaces.
  • For your regulatory compliance obligations there’s also call recording, which has the added bonus of allowing you to use the recording to provide evidence in client disputes, which will save you loads of time and effort.


Better mobile working

• Employees with mobiles can be contacted anywhere, so they don’t have to be restricted to the office.

• Our solutions suppor thot-desk and flexible working policies, enabling you to introduce agile working practices.

Greater versatility

• VoIPer opens up a world of valuable IP and cloud-based solutions, such as call recording.

Stronger client relationships

• Your calls will always be answered quickly with hunt groups, and always put through to the right person with auto attendant.

• Keep your cases moving, share information and keep your clients happy with voice and video tools that will improve not just the way you communicate, but streamline the way you work.

Lower costs

• Clients are increasingly concerned about how law firms control their costs – you can address this issue by reducing your costs whilst also improving your communications.

• With VoIPer you’ll enjoy lower rental charges and cheaper calls.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • VoIPer is remotely hosted within our environment, removing single points of failure. And as all services and features are in the cloud, you can keep your business running in the event of local issues.
  • You’ll never miss an important call. Features such as ‘call forward not reachable’ allow each user to have a back-up phone number, which is used automatically if their desk phone can’t be reached.
  • You can even configure all of a user’s phones to ring at once, ending when one phone is answered. That’s perfect for those in your team that are always on the move.

Retail sector


  • Competition from online and high street stores lead to intense pressure to reduce and manage costs.
  • Retailers must provide a consistently high experience across all channels – multiple stores, online and call centres.
  • Employees struggle answering calls while simultaneously assisting in-store customers.
  • Difficulty separating out calls about store hours and products. Old PBX systems make it hard to screen out calls from competitors collecting current pricing information.
  • A need for real-time communications across multiple sites.
  • Disparate PBX estates cost more to maintain and result in an inconsistent image.


  • VoIPer’s Auto Attendant routes incoming calls to the correct staff or to information about operating hours, reducing caller wait times.
  • Calls can be routed to staff based on their expertise so they can help customers in store.
  • For multi-store retailers, VoIPer enables calls to be answered within a few rings by staff anywhere, on any device.
  • Call Detail Records let retailers review after-hours calls.
  • The Push-to-Talk feature enables staff to communicate instantly between extensions.
  • Using Wi-Fi, the UC Office App lets staff use their own device and benefit from free internal calls, plus at-a-glance presence availability status of colleagues.
  • In-store Wi-Fi can also be used by customers to research their desired products.
  • On-site cordless solutions can help in communications.


Improved customer service

  • A phone system that reflects commitment to providing the best customer experience.
  • HD voice is crystal clear so cuts out mistakes based on lack of hearing the customer and calls are answered within a couple of rings.

Increased productivity

  • Group Call Handling and Unified Communications Apps on mobile devices, tablets and desktops help speed the flow of communications across a retail organisation.
  • Extending Cloud UC services to other organisations in a retailer’s supply chain speeds the communications flow across the entire value chain.

Consistent service experience

  • VoIPer enables a consistent image and service experience across all stores, e.g. retailers can provide the same on hold message to customers.

Rapid deployment means business as usual

  • Setting up the service and plugging the desk phones into a data network is quick and easy, ensuing the retailer can get on with serving customers.

Reduce costs

  • Consolidating the “voice estate” to a single provider has proven cost advantages.
  • Free calls between all staff and companies lowers the monthly telephone bill.



  • Traditional phone systems (PBX) are increasingly unreliable and harder to maintain.
  • Finding budget for the upfront costs associated with on-premises phone systems.
  • Traditional PBX lacks the flexible-working solutions now demanded by employers
  • Traditional PBX lacks analytical tools, such as the ability to show the number of abandoned and missed calls at different times of day.


  • Investing in fibre network connectivity to run the data systems required between all locations. VoIPer runs across the same fibre internet connections.
  • The only new equipment required are pre-configured IP desk phones.
  • The UC Office App provides a “desk phone in their pocket” for staff.
  • VoIPer integrated Call Centre provides customer call treatments, such as skills-based routing which puts the caller through to the right Customer Service Rep.
  • The Customer Services Manager can analyse and manage customer service anytime of day or night using the self-service Business Portal, with daily reports delivered by email.


Analytics to measure and improve customer service

  • VoIPer provides real-time reports and daily reports.
  • This provides the ability to measure what’s happening in customer services and enables better management.

Manage your business calls, from wherever you are

  • Flexibility to work anywhere using one number with the company calling plan.
  • Users can make free internal calls using the UC Office App.
  • The sales team are now in closer contact with customers and employees.

Long-term flexibility to meet your changing needs

  • Admin can use the Business Portal to configure new users in a matter of minutes, compared to the time-consuming method of previously adding and moving extensions.
  • Staff can take IP phones home if they need to work from home or use the Remote Office functionality or UC Office App on their laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Software upgrades are made in the Hosted and automatically delivered to the customer.

Save on set-up and maintenance costs, as well as call costs

  • The cost of implementing a VoIPer solution delivered a <1 year Return on Investment (ROI) compared to maintaining and upgrading the current PBX and ISDN charges.

Highly reliable phone system

  • VoIPer is a telco-grade business communications service delivered from the Service Provider data centre.
  • The maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by the Service Providers so you can get on with running operations



  • Reduced funding, coupled with old phone systems (PBX) is hard and expensive to maintain. They often use legacy ISDN lines with high call rental and call charges.
  • Connecting parents to teachers – many schools use old answering machines and notify teachers to call a parent back via post-it notes.
  • No method to contact teachers in case of emergency.
  • With increased use of internet in teaching, it makes sense to use the same broadband for the school’s communications service.


  • VoIPer provides a flexible and cost-effective communications solution.
  • The school can save money by installing low-cost telephones in each classroom and by removing legacy lines.
  • The UC Office App on a teacher’s tablet or mobile device means they can be contacted at any time. By using Call Director, teachers can call parents back with the school’s number presented, not their own – important for teacher confidentiality.
  • UC Office desktop sharing enables teachers to experiment with remote online learning techniques before implementing a formal remote learning solution.
  • Auto Attendant keeps parents updated on latest news and is easy for staff to record announcements, e.g. cancellations.
  • A move from ISDN to broadband means no limit on concurrent calls into the school, so they never miss a call.


Parent-school interaction

  • Parents can get the latest news from the Auto Attendant and never hear the busy tone so they always get through to someone.
  • Parents can contact the appropriate department or teacher more easily.
  • Parents receive notifications of events, e.g. school closed due to bad weather.

Cost savings

  • With minimal upfront capital expenditure for the school they can meet stricter government budget targets and free up capital for spending on learning resources.
  • Removal of ISDN, maintenance and PBX depreciation costs.
  • Easy to scale up or down to support temporary staffing needs.

Enhance student experience

  • More diverse learning experiences, e.g. online, video.
  • Student-teacher interactions are more interactive with 1-to-1 and 1-to-many learning options.

Nursing and care homes 


  • The on-site mobile, nursing staff and facilities support team need to be more reachable in order to provide faster response to patients and guests.
  • A more efficient way of dealing with appointment requests and inbound queries is needed.
  • Budgets are always under pressure so it’s important to cut costs. Predicable costs from cloud solutions will help.


  • VoIPer delivers a cloud solution that meets the nursing care home’s communications needs. The care home Manager can easily manage the service in the office ore remotely through the intuitive self-service Business Portal.
  • Phones simply plug into the data network socket and Clients and Apps run on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Auto Attendant provides a personalised greeting message and a menu offering latest news updates for the care home.
  • Information flow can be sped up with the Push-to-Talk intercom feature which can be used to make announcements through the desk phone speaker.
  • With the UC Office App installed on mobile devices and tablets for nursing staff and support team, they can keep in close contact. Instant Messaging can be used to communicate sensitive information discreetly with escalation to phone calls if and when required.


Faster response to guests and patients

  • There will be improved mobility and accessibility of the nursing and support staff.
  • Staff can quickly and easily be reached on their mobile, desktop or their desk phone.

Reduce costs

  • Free internal calls and staff use their own devices (mobile, tablets).
  • Pay-as-you-use subscription service frees up capital to use for other care home funding requirements.
  • Plug and play from any CAT5 data network socket will see cost reductions when compared to the cost associated with moving traditional desk phones.

Patient and guest phone service

  • VoIPer desk phones can be easily moved to the guest’s bedside so they can make and receive calls to and from friends and family.
  • Optionally, call detail records can be downloaded for use in billing back to the guest.

Healthcare: GP surgeries


  • Unwell, anxious patients requiring immediate attention need prompt handling of their calls.
  • Fast, effective telephone call handling is therefore essentialto the General Practice (GP).
  • GP has to show compliance to IT Governance and Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards for improving patientcare and running a capable practice.


  • VoIPer delivers asolution to meet a practice’s call handling needs.
  • With our Call Centre ACD, hold music or a recorded message can be played while waiting. This allows the user or receptionto direct callers to the relevant part of the practice.
  • Call Recording lets the GP monitor and review conversations between patients and staff – used to prove compliance to CQC standards. This shows a commitment to a culture ofimprovement and accountability as it provides evidence of medical advice given over the phone. Call Recording can also be used to train and coach new practice staff.
  • Call logger enables statistical analysis of calls – this helps identify the busiest periods which will help plan staff scheduling accordingly.
  • Inbound calls can scan the database and records will come upon screen, helping to manage the call – speed of response.
  • Our UC One instant messaging and presence can be used to communicate between the GP team. My Room group chat can be used to hold conference calls with other GP surgeries or medical bodies.
  • VoIPer Business Continuity ensures the practice meets IT Governance standards and patient calls are answered even in event of local, natural or man-made disasters.


Improved Patient Service

• VoIPer provides a friendly, prompt and effective service for patients.

• Has the necessary resources to answer calls efficiently during the busiest times.

• Call Recording can be used to help coach and develop staff to improve customer care.

• With in-built business continuity, calls can always be made and answered – making it a phone service that never fails.

Increased Productivity

  • By using statistical data, the practice can easily managestaff resources.
  • The optional Receptionist console has the ability to handle numerous calls efficiently.
  • Call recording is compliant to CQC Governance Standards