Premier Supplier Of SIP Trunking In Dorset

We provide affordable, effective and reliable SIP trunking solutions in Dorset, allowing you to connect to your customers in the UK and abroad at the best call quality. By choosing VoIPer as your prefered SIP trunk supplier means that your service will have excellent voice quality and secure telephone routing. Our setup is easy and quick.

Short for Session Initiation Protocol trunking, SIP trunking serves as an intermediary between a phone exchange system (PBX) and an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP). This works as a soft connection between a company and an ITSP through the Internet via a VPN or through lines that connect SIP trunks to other IP traffic.

SIP trunking normally gives a central point that looks after call routing policies, numbers and security protocols. SIP trunking suppliers might supply additional services, like denial-of-service protection, protection against toll fraud and voice encyption.

One of the UK’s most trusted SIP trunk suppliers, VoIPer, provides companies with the tools they must have to update their phone systems to Internet protocol (IP) and modern systems.

Why Change To SIP In Dorset

Modern telephony technology plays a significant part in business success and companies are choosing to change from PSTN to the more technologically advanced SIP trunks. Thanks to the development of the Internet, interacting and developing relationships with clients has become more cost-effective and flexible.

Cash Savings

Installing SIP trunking in your business dramatically improves the flow of digital information between you and your business partners. It also helps lower a company’s overheads. As opposed to being billed for every international call on a per-call and per-user basis, businesses with SIP trunking enjoy fixed monthly costs.

Recover Files Easily

Organisations need not worry about data loss when their operations run under SIP. Under VoIP, communications can continue after power loss or natural disasters. Thus, downtime can be minimised and this helps businesses to seemlessly continue to give excellent service to their clients.

Why SIP Trunking From VoIPer

As a reliable SIP trunking provider for businesses in the UK, VoIPer aims to provide you great value for your money without compromising on quality.  Having started over 20 years ago, we have been a reliable supplier in the Dorset area for a considerable time now.  You can count on us to meet your needs by providing a package based on your business requirements.

If you’re looking for a reliable SIP trunk provider for your business, call us free on 0800 332 266.