Your Voiper Virtual Receptionist

Give your customers a super-slick calling experience with VoIPer's virtual receptionist add-ons.

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Let your callers find you faster

We all hate being sent to the wrong extension or hanging on while we wait in line. With VoIPer’s suite of virtual receptionist add-ons your caller can choose a specific extension if they know it, a specific person, or simply be connected to the first available member of your team. It’s better for your customers, and more efficient for your team.

Custom-routing for after-hours and holidays

You can switch features in and out automatically based on the time of day or day of the week — after hours, at the weekend, during lunchbreaks or holidays, for example — automatically reroute calls to a mobile if all your desktop lines are busy, or simply ask the caller to leave a message.

You choose the messages your callers hear

Our virtual receptionist features aren’t a one-size fits all system. You have complete control over the messages your callers hear. You can record these yourself or we can record them for you using professional operators.

Works with mobiles

If your incoming calls are currently routed to a mobile, your callers still hear the full range of virtual receptionist options exactly as if they were calling your head office landlines! That’s the beauty of cloud-based VoIP.

Your online dashboard

Because VoIPer’s virtual receptionist features are controlled from your internet-based ‘dashboard’ you can control when and how they operate. You can access your dashboard from your mobiles, too, when you’re out and about.