VoIP Conference Calling for Your Business

VoIPer's Conference Calling feature makes it incredibly simple to set up a conference call — even from mobiles.

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Meetings on the move

For many modern companies, phone-based conference calls have replaced the traditional face-to-face meeting, sometimes even when you’re in the same building.

VoIPer Conference Calling makes setting up these virtual meetings incredibly simple.

Fast and flexible

If you’re used to setting up business conference calls with complex apps, dial-ins and passwords, VoIPer Conference Calling will come as a breath of fresh air.

A couple of clicks of your keypad and your two-way call becomes a conference – even when you’re on a mobile.

Conference Calling is simple to use and simple to set up; to ensure your business telecoms are as fast and flexible as possible.

All controlled via your online dashboard

Like all our call handling and automated switchboard services, Conference Calling is configured and controlled from your online dashboard. You can access this from your laptop, mobile or tablet.