Examine Incoming Calls With Call Whisper

Sometimes it's important to know where a call is coming from before you decide to answer. Call Whisper is here to help…

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Screen your incoming calls

With VoIPer’s Call Whisper function, it’s easy to find out where incoming calls are coming from before you answer them. The caller hears the ringing tone as usual, but you’re given a quick heads up on where the call is coming from so you can answer it or redirect it to a more appropriate team member.

Fully customisable

Call Whisper lets you set up its functionality to match the way you like to do business. For example, it can simply tell you what incoming number the caller has dialled, or match the caller’s number to your customer contact database so you know precisely who’s calling.

Single line — different numbers

If you’re running your business or businesses from a single phone line, but have a variety of incoming geographic or non-geographic numbers set up on your VoIPer phone system, Call Whisper will make sure you answer the call appropriately. This could be really important if your private phone is also your business phone.

Record your own announcements

VoIPer Call Whisper lets you record your own announcements for you and your team to hear while the call is screened, making sure you deal with every incoming call as efficiently as possible.