Connect with Customers Through VoIPer's Call Forwarding Service

With VoIPer Call Forwarding you can make sure that you never miss a vital incoming customer call, wherever you or your team find themselves.

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Automatic instant redirection

Never miss a vital customer call

Call Forwarding is just one of the incredibly useful features that you can access with your VoIPer VoIP system.

With Call Forwarding you can set up VoIPer so that incoming calls are automatically and instantly redirected to another device – another VoIPer phone, a landline, a mobile, a tablet or laptop, even to an overseas number.

All of which means you can make sure that incoming calls are always answered, ensuring you never miss an important call from a customer, client or supplier, or member of your team.

Scheduled redirection

Redirect by time or by day

Call Forwarding is particularly useful for controlling how your calls are dealt with outside your normal office hours. You can set it up so that before 9am or after 6pm, for example, any incoming calls are sent to your home or to a mobile, to a laptop or simply to voicemail.

Similarly, on Saturday or Sunday, if nobody’s around in the office, Call Forwarding makes sure the call still gets answered.

Incredibly flexible

Choose how fast the call is redirected

VoIPer Call Forwarding is incredibly flexible. You can set it up to respond in the way that’s most useful for your company, even down to how many times the original number rings before the call is redirected to a second line. If the second line isn’t answered either, VoIPer can simply redirect the call again.

Online Control

All controlled via your online dashboard

Like all our virtual switchboard services, VoIPer Call Forwarding is controlled from your online dashboard. You can access this from your laptop, mobile or tablet, to switch the lines the calls are sent to or to adjust when Call Forwarding kicks in.