Manage Your System with VoIPer's Call Centre Supervisor

Provides a Supervisor with a web application that can be used to monitor and supervise their Call Centre ACD queues.

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Your virtual Call Centre

If your company handles a high volume of inbound phone calls, VoIPer lets you take control of them by creating a virtual call centre for your team. You can set up team members as ‘supervisors’ or ‘agents’ and manage the system and its setup via your online dashboards.

Supervisor or agent

VoIPer lets you choose whether your team members are set up as a supervisor or an agent.

As the name suggests, supervisors simply have additional functionality built into their online dashboard to allow them to manage the status of individual agents, to respond to escalation requests and to ‘barge in’ on calls they’re monitoring.

The functionality you’d expect

Your VoIPer Call Centre system lets you and your team manage your calls exactly as you would in any call centre setup, to give your customers and enquirers the best possible call-handling service.

Its functions include:

  • Automated call queuing
  • See how many calls are waiting
  • See estimated waiting time
  • See longest waiting time
  • See which ‘agents’ are logged in to answer calls
  • View call history
  • Integrated contacts function for rapid call transfer
  • Instant messaging between agents
  • Escalate calls to supervisors
  • Manage conference calls
  • Speed dials
  • Put calls on hold and resume
  • Set up group calls and conference calls

All controlled via your online dashboard

Like all our call handling and automated switchboard services, VoIPer Call Center Supervisor is configured and controlled from your online dashboard. You can access this from your laptop, mobile or tablet.